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jigglywiggly 10-20-2021 01:49 AM

Freezing in Windows 11 in full screen games

I am using an Asus MB16ACV. It has an internal DL chip.

also tried using a cablematters one adapter with a different non DL portable monitor.

I am not sure which DL chip these guys use.

My setup is:

gtx 1070 directly connected to 3 monitors. 1x 1440p, 2x 1080 (one is in portrait)
Intel z590 aorus elite ax, 10850k

The Asus monitor is connected via USB and acts as the fourth monitor. It also affects a different portable monitor connected via the cable matters hdmi adapter.

This did not affect me on Windows 10.

In full screen games like Age of mythology Extended edition, Diablo 2 resurrected.
My primary monitors keep blinking and the system stutters. This behavior goes away as soon as the displaylink monitor is unplugged.

I am on the latest DL drivers, any ideas?

EDIT: I sent an email with the log files to the technical synaptics email.
I started the program, enabled advanced diagnostics, then ran a full screen game, got my issue.
Then hit the gather button and sent the email.

jigglywiggly 10-30-2021 09:12 PM

Ok so an update, I have been talking to Kate through email.

Basically: On WIndows 11, the snip and sketch when tool always triggers this behavior as well when you hit "new" to start dragging to capture a region to save.
Looks like anything that goes into some sort of full screen causes this.

The error is
"The device MB16AC4 (location 0000.0014.00000. is offline due to a user-mode driver crash. Windows will attempt to restart the device 5 more times. Please contact the device manufacturer for more information about this problem.

I installed Windows 10 on my 2nd SSD, and there is no issue. Everything just works. So this is indeed a driver issue and not a hardware one.

jigglywiggly 12-13-2021 08:33 AM

Actually, I believe the issue did not lay with Windows 11, it was that I was using 10 bit color on my primary display.
This caused the displaylink driver to crash.

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