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Sol3UK 06-05-2022 09:16 AM

FPS drops ingame
I have connected an ASUS ZenScreen MB14AC Portable USB Monitor to my desktop PC simply to view Discord while playing Division 2. I have used the lastest Displaylink drivers from this website and my Nvidia Drivers are up to date.

The problem I'm getting is a major ingame FPS drop every few seconds from 115 down to about 5 on my main monitor. Soon as I unplug the USB monitor the game returns to normal. It also takes about 4 times longer to start Windows, it just hangs on the animated loading screen. I have run the same combination in the past without any problems.

Any tips on what might be causing the problem.

Intel 9900K
Asus ROG Maximus XI Code
32gb Corsair Dominator
Seasonic Prime 750w
Windows11 21H2 (22000.675)

Nvidia driver 512.95

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