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Superblocko 12-29-2021 01:50 PM

Other Issue with MacBook in Clamshell Mode
Hi there!

I got my new MacBook Pro 14' with M1 Pro and MacOS Monterey 12.1 and was looking forward to use it in Clamshell Mode with my new bought WavLink WL-UG69PD2 Pro. (2 HDMI Monitors)

Following Issue:

When I connect it once it works very well. After launching sleep mode first I can wake it up by pressing Space and it works well. Then I go to sleep mode a second time. When I try to wake it up again it shows the login screen for about half a second and then black screen. Only reconnecting USB-C or restart the WavLink Dock helps in that case... I also tried to unplug ethernet but this didn't help.
In this case, DisplayLink outputs a warning that I should enable screen recording in macOS settings. But I did that already and it still is enabled.

- MacBook Pro with M1 Pro 14'
- WavLink WL-UG69PD2 Pro
- 1st Monitor: AG241QC
- 2nd Monitor: S24F350

Just to reproduce:
1. Connect Dock
2. Go to sleep Mode
3. Wake Up
4. Go to Sleep Mode again
5. Try to wake up --> LogIn Screen for half a second and then BlackScreen?

Is there a fix for this problem? And if not could it help to try another docking station like the Dell D6000?

Thank You!
Greetings from Berlin!

Sanford 01-03-2022 06:27 PM

I am having a similar issue with clamshell
So - I have a MBP M1 (2020) with 16G of RAM.

Hooked up two Dells (S3221QS and S2721QS 90 deg) and usually have it working.

At some point after the computer goes to sleep and I try to wake it up again:
  • the DisplayLinkManagerHelper gets stuck
  • the DisplayLinkManager is not in memory any longer
  • I need to kill the Helper
  • I have to wait to restart DisplayLinkManager, and
Kind of frustrating. Any idea why?

dhokes 01-04-2022 07:39 AM

- MacBook Pro with M1 Pro 14'
- Huawei monitors * 2
- DisplayLink Manager 1.6.0

When my MBP goes to sleep, I have to disconnect and reconnect the usb-c cable for the monitors to turn back on again. Frustrating.

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