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Morzh 09-30-2020 09:04 PM

Need to convert a USB2 into LCD panel (LVDS?) plus touch)
Hi everyone,

1. For starters, the "ease" of contacting techsupport makes me ask: how reliable a source is DL, if I cannot call anyone in it or Synaptics?
Being a single source of this kind of chips, gets me a bit worried.

2. I need to drive a small 5" display from a USB. I would like to avoid sticking a USB to HDMI converter and then drive a display with its own control board and HDMI input.
I'd rather created my own board with USB-to-LVDS adapter and then USB-hub it into the USB trunk to add Touch information using I2C-to-USB converter.
I wonder how close any DL solution gets to it and what the chip prices are.
I would ask this of sales but, again.....calls are routed in a void.



AlbanRampon 10-14-2020 10:35 AM

Hello Mike,

Smaller projects are not handled by DisplayLink/Synaptics but distributors. They have direct access to support if they need it.
Larger products have their dedicated FAE to assist on the design, and there is no generic phone number or email address for that individual support.
Manufacturer support does not take place on the forums or tickets.

Best regards,

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