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sick.codes 08-09-2020 01:33 PM

Arch Linux 5.8 Kernel Fix, Lag Mitigation & CPU Usage Xfce
Just thought I'd mention

I have two Displaylink devices:
Targus 3.0 USB Dock
Thinkpad USB 3 Docking Station

Running on AMD Ryzen with mesa graphics.

Linux 5.8 kernel + evdi 1.8 + Displaylink from the aur doesn't detect either DVI monitor.

Downgrading evdi to 1.7 fixed this: use AUR package evdi-git 1.7

Acer HDMI 1920x1080
Laptop Display 1920x1080
HP DVI DisplayLink 1280x720

1920x1080 on the Displaylink device runs at around 10fps

However, if I run the display at a lower resolution, it's fine.

To reduce the CPU usage on Xfce, open:
Window Manager Tweaks -> Compositor -> Disable display compositing.

Switching to Picom from Xfce Window Compositor to fixed my CPU usage because now the Displaylink is rendered using the GPU.

Install picom, or picom-git

In summary:
- Use picom to reduce CPU usage by offloading display rendering to GPU
- Use evdi-git 1.7 instead of evdi 1.8 until it's fixed
- Use a lower resolution than 1080p to increase FPS

If you need a tutorial, let me know I'll add it



corrmaan 08-10-2020 03:27 PM

Thanks for this. Running Gentoo on 5.4.48 and 5.8.0 with evdi-1.8.0 and DL also wouldn't work, but using evdi 1.7.0 would work.

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