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mikovich 07-22-2020 12:37 PM

So buggy after Catalina
Hi all,

I used to love my Targus Universal USB 3.0 DV4K Docking Station (DOCK160USZ) and MacBook Pro 2019 setup. But after installing Catalina, I have experienced so many problems.

I have my Asus MG279 connected to the docking station via mini DisplayPort. 2560 x 1440.

I have installed the latest DisplayLink driverts and DisplayLink Manager.

No matter the refreshrate I get a weird line down in the middle of the screen. Ver annoying. However, the most annoying part is when I try to open up "Photos"... this causes the screen to lag and elements to freeze and pixelate on the screen. Difficult to explain. Very annoying. The only way to reset this is to change the refreshrate or unplug the cable to the docking station.

Am I the only one experiencing this? I've tried to look through the forum but havent found the exact same symptoms.

Any help would be much appreciated.

KatarzynaKowalczyk 07-28-2020 11:18 AM


Thank you for reaching out.

Please check if the same issue occurs when you connect the monitor directly to the computer.
Have you checked your cables?
Poor quality cables can cause connectivity or other unexpected issues.

Thank you,

mikovich 07-28-2020 01:05 PM

I have no issues when the computer is connected directly to the monitor.

The cables are fine. The issues occurred after the catalina update. Before that it worked just fine.

KatarzynaKowalczyk 07-28-2020 01:26 PM


Would you be able to generate logfiles that will show me a bit more of what is happening in the background?

Please check this article for instructions.

You can attach the zip later to your response.

Thank you,

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