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CaptainKokanee 10-22-2021 04:46 PM

Win10 Only 8-Bit Color Depth?
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Good morning everyone,

Just LOVE the 5K DisplayLink setup, but I have an issue with Color Depth on the other 2 monitors I'm using. The color depth is only 8-Bit. Why?
I'm running 32-Bit on my main display, but only 8 on the secondary displays.
See attached picture.

Any way I can resolve this?

AlbanRampon 10-25-2021 11:10 AM


This is 8-bit per colour, not 8-bit for all three colours. 8-bit total as it would mean only 256 colours so would be looking very different.
I do not believe 32-bit per colour exists. 10/12-bit per colour benefit is already not obvious to most users under usual lighting conditions.

If you go to advanced monitor settings and list all modes, you should see "True Colour 32-bit" listed there.


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