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vlado 09-26-2019 12:04 PM

Version 5.2 https://www.displaylink.com/downloads/ubuntu works for me with Ubuntu 19.04 and Intel UHD Graphics 615 on Dell XPS 13 9365 except the "Power delivery" with "i-tec USB 3.0 / USB-C / Thunderbolt 3 Dual Display Docking Station" https://i-tec.cz/en/produkt/cadual4kdock-2/ .

The notebook is charging neither via USB-C nor Thunderbolt both in Ubuntu and Windows. Does this work for anybody? Do you have any suggestions I could try?

There is a workaround. The charging works when the docking station is connected to the notebook via "i-tec USB-C Travel Adapter PD/Data" https://i-tec.cz/en/produkt/c31dtpdhub3-2/

sgryphon 02-18-2020 10:33 PM

I initially had some trouble, but now have Display Link working, with 2 monitors (Targus USB dock).

Initially didn't work at all. Running Ubuntu 19.10, now with generic kernel 5.3.18-050318-generic.

I moved to generic kernel to get around the lockdown disable of hibernate (although I haven't got that working yet); originally had kernel 5.5, but got errors messages trying to install the Display Link drivers. Went back to 5.3 (same major series as 19.10 signed kernel).

Could install, but still not working. The devices showed up in lsusb when the USB was plugged in, but not in xrandr.

Checking the known issues: https://support.displaylink.com/know...ubuntu-support

* Wayland is not supported, on the sign in screen there is a drop down to select Ubuntu vs Ubuntu on Wayland, which was selected. Changed back to just Ubuntu. The screens now appeared in device manager, but were black.

* Proprietary Nvidia drivers not supported. I was using Nvidia 435. Changed back to Nouveau, rebooted, and now have dock with two external screens, plus the laptop screen, working.

Also in the notes, Secure Boot is not directly supported, although you can sign the drivers yourself. I had already changed this, trying to get hibernate working (i.e. remove lockdown). I still have Secure Boot turned on in the BIOS, so I can dual boot into Windows (with Bitlocker), and am using the signed Grub bootloader, but have turned off security in Grub, to be able to load the unsigned generic kernel.

(When booting, Grub shows the message "unsecure mode")

So, read the documentation, check the known issues, and hopefully you can get it working!

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