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wipika 06-23-2017 03:10 PM

Blank screens(s) when switching between DL adapters
Here is another bug:

I have a DL adapter at work, and another one at the office.

When I put the laptop to sleep and disconnect it from adapter A, then connect it to adapter B and wake the laptop up, the screen that is connected to that USB adapter is not being detected by the machine.

Furthermore, when I unplug (while on, e.g removing it from the docking station) the laptop from the external screens (regardless of USB or other connection to them), the laptop's screen turns black, but if I press ctrl+alt+delete to get to the Windows lock screen, it shows up.

In both cases, a reboot gets everything back in order with the connection scheme at the time.

Attaching log -- happy to answer any further questions.

AlbanRampon 06-27-2017 01:00 PM

Thank you, I have recorded this in the bug reporting system (ref 25697)
You are free to remove the attachment, but only DisplayLink employees can download the ZIP files attached to posts.

AlbanRampon 07-05-2017 02:12 PM

Hello Wipika,

I have been handed over a 8.3 development build for you.
We have disabled a part of the code which is believed to be the source of the multiple issues you have met: colour correction.

Would you please be able to test and confirm the issue goes away with that version?
This will confirm that engineering is looking at the right thing.

Kind regards,

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