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mave991 11-28-2021 01:19 PM

MacBook Pro M1 dual monitor setup: how to keep one display native?
Hi there,

I use my MacBook Pro M1 for professional purposes, and I'm taking into consideration DisplayLink technology for a dual-monitor setup (27" 4K), but I have a few doubts.

Looking at the DisplayLink docking stations available on the market, it appears that all the output ports use DisplayLink to connect the display to the computer, but Apple M1 does support one external monitor!

So my question is: how can I use DisplayLink for the second monitor only and keep the first one "native"?

NOTE: It's very important to have 60hz.

Speaking of performance, I'd be also curious to know your personal experiences with DisplayLink.


JanB 11-28-2021 04:13 PM

I have a similar constellation, a MacBook Air M1 with two external 27" 4k monitors. I also wanted to run one monitor directly (without display link) for better performance and ease of use.

My solution:
  • One monitor is connected directly to the MacBook via a USB-C to Display Port adapter.
  • The second port of the MacBook goes to the USB docking station (Kensigton SD4780P in my case).
    The second monitor is then connected to the docking station (using DisplyLink).
  • Both monitors run at 4k @ 60 Hz.

I was originally looking for a solution that required only one cable on the MacBook, i.e. I wanted to connect one monitor to the docking station via alt-mode and one monitor via DisplayLink. But alt mode doesn't work on USB docking stations, and I haven't found any Thunderbolt docking stations with DisplayLink. Thus, you would still need an additional external DisplayLink adapter at the Thunderbolt docking station. So there was no really perfect solution for that.

Overall, now that the HiDPI problem is solved for me, I am very happy with the solution. The performance is perfectly adequate for me. Even moving large windows runs without visible delays.

But you have to be aware that DisplayLink also brings some disadvantages. No HDR, no multimedia with DRM (Netflix and co.)... But the only alternative would be only one external monitor...

waypammac1@bigpond.com 12-01-2021 12:16 AM

My 2021Mac Book pro with the M1 chip with the latest operating system has to restart when I use my Display link for dual screens. How can I overcome this issue

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