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puckman 10-21-2021 07:34 PM

Mac Big Sur User - Not Work
Hi, setting up a new work computer and Display Link is not working. I've set up Display Link on other computers, follow the directions, and have reinstalled this a few times.

Here are my specs;
macOS Big Sur 11.6
MacBook Air M1 2020

Please let me know what's going on.


puckman 10-22-2021 04:24 PM

Just want to bump this thread, not able to get Display Link to work.

JakubDabrowski 10-25-2021 10:33 AM

Hello Chris,

Thank you for posting on our forum.

Could you please elaborate on your issue? Do you have a black screen or some of the USB devices are not working.

Please also follow this guide and gather log files.

You can either post it here or contact us directly on our email address: technical-enquiries@synaptics.com

Kind regards,

puckman 10-25-2021 02:31 PM

Hi Jakub, I have two monitors connected to my MacBook, using a USB-type C to VGA DVI HDMI & USB adapter. The two monitors are mirroring each other, and the MacBook is an additional screen.

Can you give me suggestions on what to do next and what to try? I have sent the log files to Display Link support.


HarryR 10-27-2021 03:34 PM

My issue is much simpler, neither of my extended desktops will change the desktop background.

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