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Boatbabe007@gmail.com 09-13-2018 06:11 PM

Cannot Mirror Display
I just recently connected my USB 3.0 Dock. When i access the icon i only get the options for audio setup and video setup. I do not get the option for USB 3.0 Dock so that i can go in and configure my display settings. In the windows control panel i only have the options to view monitor 1, view monitor 2, and extend the display. The Duplicate Display (mirror) has disappeared with my dock plugged in. As i bougjt this specifically to mirror my display, this is not good. PLEASE HELP ASAP! I DO NOT WANT TO HAVE TO PURXHASE A DIFFERENT DOCKING STATION!! Thanks.

AlbanRampon 09-18-2018 12:31 PM

Good afternoon,

I imagine you are using Windows 10.

That operating system already has excellent support for extended displays in it and it wasn't duplicated.

Simply right click on the desktop and select display settings.
You can then choose which screen to clone to which.
Here is a Windows 10 forum describing how to do this with any display over any graphics adapter.

If the option is not available there, then you graphics card doesn't have adequate Windows 10 drivers and you would either need to use the Windows inbox driver, or get a new driver from your graphics card vendor.

Kind regards,

Boatbabe007@gmail.com 09-26-2018 07:32 PM

I am using windows 10.....i have the option to mirror when i connect direct to my display but not when i connect through the docking station.

AlbanRampon 09-27-2018 08:56 AM

Good morning,

In this case, it sounds like you could be using an older graphics card driver which doesn't support cloning across adapters.
What is the GPU (Intel, Nvidia, and/or AMD) name and driver version numbers?
For instance, Intel 4th generation and below doesn't support that feature introduced in Windows 10 graphics as standard/compulsory.

Kind regards,

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