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nikolaistr 04-08-2020 10:04 AM

Problem with Monitors on a DisplayLink Docking Station
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Hi here

I'm new to this forum.
I have a HP Elitebook 1050 G1 Notebook with Linux Mint installed (Version: Linux Mint 19.3 Tricia, Kernel: 5.3.0-46-generic).
When I boot my OS, all Monitors working well.

After a random period of time both monitors switch off and only the screen of the notebook works. The special thing is, the docking station is still connected, because the mouse and keyboard and the connected USB devices still work perfectly.

DisplayLink Version: 5.2.14
nVidia Driver Version 435.21

Does anyone have an idea what this could be due to and how to solve the problem?

Here is a new DLSupprtTool Output (Google Drive Link, because the file is too large to upload here): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1z42...ew?usp=sharing

EDIT: When I suspend the OS, after awake all monitors working correctly for a while.

Thank you so much. Best regards.

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